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TH13 Krung Ching


Krung Ching water fall is a one of two locations in the southern of Thailand for best place for bird watching. The secound one is Sri Phang Nga national park. (not included Hala-Bala in far south, have troble about car bomb from terrorist)

It is a rich rainforest with an elevation of about 200 meters above sea level, embedding in the mountain range of Khao Luang National Park south of Thailand, Surat Thani province and Nakorn Sri Thammarat province far from about Bangkok 800 km. It represents an important site for rainforest species in Malay Peninsula. The highest peak in the park is over 1800 meters and holds some good mountain birdlife.  Krung Ching bird spot is  home 250 bird species  

Bird Hilight : Javan Frogmounth, Great Argus, Malasian Rail-babbler, White-crowned Hornbill,  and a lot of specie Jungle Bablers, Tree Babblers, Blyth's Hawk-Eagle, Rufous-collared Kingfisher, Chestnust-napped Forktail, Diard's Trogon, Banded Pitta and Maroon-breasted Phelentoma. 


Where to bird watch & photography

Around visitor centre  Krung Ching waterfall office is surrounded by greenery and has a few ponds stuffed full of fish and a female adult Buffy Fish Owl and her offspring made the most of this bounty, showing really well and allowing close approach. Javan Frogmouth is apparently fairly common here, easy to see on Apr. – May. In breeding season, Another  bird  Once outside of the forest I had views of Silver-rumped Needletails, Glossy Swiftlets and even a few Germain’s Swiftlets filling the air, Brown Wood-Owl, Green Broadbill, Black-and-yellow Broadbill  In morning may you can see White-crowned Hornbills in a fruiting tree with the songs of Dark-throated Oriole, Red-throated Barbet and Gold-whiskered Barbet.


The main nature trail  The trail start visitor center to the waterfall is 3,700 meter  long, structure building by concrete easy to walk  and starts out quite steeply after a couple of hundred meters.   Once this initial climb every one call “ Ban Dai Sam Kan or three steps”  around here home of Banded Pitta to present 1 pair and habitat of Hairy Leg Mountain Crab (Cardiosoma carnifex), after done it is easy walking and the trail goes through some very attractive forest.

From here the trail along the stream around 700 m. habitat Malaysian-Rail-babblerof  Blue-banded Kingfisher, Blue-eared Kingfisher, White-crowned Forktail, Chestnust-naped Forktail.And along the trail another specie bird such as Scarlet-rumped Trogons sang in the early morning and Diard's Trogon one  and several specie of Babblers Grey-headed, Chestnut-winged, Scaly-crowned was common, Flycatchers, Rufous-winged Philentomas, Malaysia Wren-Babbler, Great Argus Pheasant usually heared, Crested Wood-Partridge also to see, The usually walk to hut stop on half way and then walk back birds quite to active more than continuous walk.

The waterfall  located at the end of the trai, here surrounded by forest here at about 3-400 meters level was quite healthy with many large trees and the canopy is actually very high and hard to see through.   The waterfall is a beautiful and important waterfall of Khao Luang National Park, the waterfall derived its name from Ton Ching which is a kind of palm prevalent in the area. The waterfall has many levels and the most breathtaking level is Nan Fon Saen Ha where water drops off a sheer cliff 100 meters high, splashing down creating a mist covering the area like rain unlike other falls. This waterfall level is depicted on the back of Thailand’s 1,000 baht currency note.

 Weather Condition    The temperature in this area is approximately 20 degrees Celsius in morning and afternoon more up temperature also high humidity,  the highest temperature is 30 degree Celsius in a day time on April and some rain in afternoon  and every day rain on October to November. 

 The Best Time  December – May : Peak season / June – October : second period of a year, some raining on afternoon.

 How Long to Stay  Do not at less than 3 days 2 night