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: 27 June - 1 July, Birding tour in Chiang Mai   /  1 July A Day trip Bang Phra

What our clients say!

  • Dear Mr Panuwat
    We had a wonderful time at Kaeng Krachan.  Ms Nang was a superior guide, getting us 92 species.  In addition, we saw gibbons and an elephant.  Mr. An was a great driver and cooked an excellent lunch for us.  We will put up a review on Trip Advisor when we have more time.  
    Thanks for the opportunity to see some wonderful birds and countryside.
    mark and thea Sinclair
    18-19 Jan. 2016
  • Hi Par,

    I hope this finds you well. I just got back home from Malaysia. I wanted to tell you how much my group enjoyed the Thailand tour you put together for them - it was a great success! (1-10 March 2016 Spoon-billed Sandpiper, Kaeng Krachan, Khao Yai, Saraburi ) Personally, I thought it was one of the very best organised trips I have been on in a long time - great accommodations and super guiding from yourself, so many thanks for that. We all thought that "Mr. Smith" and yourself made a really great team and your efforts to find some of the more difficult birds for us was second to none. I really hope that we can work together on more tours in the near future. In the meanwhile I will not hesitate to send anyone who wants to bird in Thailand your way. I wish you all the very best with Wild Bird Eco and your own exploits.
    We'll stay in touch…
    Dave Beadle
    World Wide Bird Guide
    March 23, 2016
  • Par,
    Mark and I wanted to thank you for a wonderful trip in Thailand visiting Pak Thale, Kaeng Krachan and Khao Yai. The birding was fantanstic, and we got to see our target birds, including the spoon-billed sandpiper, hornbills and broadbills. The food was also great and you and Ton were the perfect guide and driver.
    Mark has put the best of his photos online (and let us know if the link does not work).
    Thanks again for a wonderful trip.
    Janet and Mark
  • Hi K Par
    How are you? I hope yesterday at church was good for you and that God visited you. We are studying Galatians 3 in our Church in Sydney .
    I am writing to say Hi and to say thank you for a marvelous trip to Khao Yai. I wish it could have been longer. You are a great guide and I pray more and more customers can find your business.
    Let me know when your website is working again.
    David Skelley
  • Hi Par
    I wanted to write you to thank Pank and you for this unforgettable trip one more time. We lived an experience rich in events. I’m sure that now my daughters have a new way of apprehending holidays. For the moment, Marie and Cilia are at their grandmother's home and it was a true happiness to hear them telling this trip in Thailand.
    I think that you will post some photos of our trip on your website. I agree for that but we would like to choose the photos of us that you want to use. As Pank gave to me his memory cards, I can suggest you some photos. What do you think about that?
    To finish, I don’t know when we will come back but I’m sure that one day, you and us, we shall go to Kaeng Krachan NP or somewhere else in February. Don’t forget to give us your news from time to time. And make the most of life!
  • Hi Par,
    Thank you a lot for wildlife touring in Thailand we had such good time and beautiful memory too. Even working
    as a slave I still have a lot fun.
    Take care,
    Pest Management, Horticulture
    Hong Kong International Theme Parks Limited
  • Hi, Par. Sawat dii khrap!
    I arrived at Japan last night. It became a great trip very much by your favor. 
    Thank you for your kindness very much.
    I want to go to Thailand again. At that time, I want to ask you for the guide. 
    Well, I append the file of the list of the bird to this mail.
    Please refer for the guest from Japan.
    And, please contact me if you come to Japan. And,please give my best
    regards to your lovely madam.
  • Hello Par,
    Now there is no more problem we can open the web site again.
    You finish the trip report of our tour, very nice J !

    On part III the last photo is too big it’s difficult to see it at all.
    On other trip reports your guests look serious but on our tour we make more jokes…
    I say it again it was a very pleasant tour with you, we saw and picture many bids and see also nice landscapes, temples, meet people… in your beautiful country. I think the friendly of our guide and drive makes also the tour nice.
    Have a good weekend
    God bless you
  • Rebecca and Rob, San Diego, US:
    Our excursion to Khao Yai with Par was the highlight of an already wonderful trip.
    Par was knowledgeable and a joy to bird with.
    Accommodations were comfortable and pleasant. We've birded around the world and this trip was one of the best.
    Par's skill and commitment to finding even the shyest of species was admirable and payed off. Worth every penny.
    Associate Professor
    Biology Dept
    San Diego State University
  • Duration :  25 Feb. - 4 Mar. 2017

    Hi Par 

    I wanted to let you know I had a great trip in Thailand. Right from the start, my guide Dteng was on time and we got a long great the rest of the trip. I got many good pictures of many beautiful species of birds, as well as many beautiful areas of Thailand. We ended up with 230 species, which is great, so I was pleased with Dtengs knowledge as well as his effort to get the birds. I also want to say thanks to Dui whom was a great driver. The whole tour was well planned and each birding stop was great. I think the wildbirdecotour is a very professional bird tour company, and I appreciate this in picking a tour company. I would love to come back and take another tour with Wildbirdecotour.
    Thanks so much,
    and Happy Birding
    Jeremy Parrish
  • Thank you, Par.
    I really enjoyed my last birding trip in April with Mac and Pank at Sukumvit, Bang Poo, Kaeng Krachan and Sam Roi Yod. This time, I want to see the beautiful birds of Chiang Mai. Looking forward to the trip.
  • One day birding had a fabulous day! over 50 lifers. If you ever come to California I'll take you birding.
    I take you to yosemite & show you San francisco.

    Vaya con Dios (Go with God in spanish) my brother
    Stephen FROST
  • Dear Par
    Sawaddee Krab, Sabai dee mai krab? Greetings from ‘Leo Safari’
    Please excuse my delay in sending a letter to you; but I have been quite busy with preparing for Andaman trip since returning from Chiang Mai.
    I am writing today to thank you and your company for your wonderful job during our visit to Thailand.
    Hotel accommodation and food was good. All the participants have been satisfied with the kind and accommodating staff at the hotels, drivers
    We hope we can convince more Indians to visit.
    We are still basking in the warm memories of our fantastic trip.
    Please convey my regards to Yha (How was the Valentine Day??)
    With warm regards,
  • Dear Par
    We arrived home 3:30 AM in the morning.I went to office start my work today,so I am sleepy now.
    I HAVE TO SAY THANK YOU TO YOU FOR THIS AMAZING TRIP.And your wonderful team.Because of you we have many excellent pictures and memories.Thailand is totally different to me now.
    Hope to see you soon and sent my greeting to Don .
    With warm regards,
  • Hi Par,
    Thank you for those “head shots”. We will remember our great trip with you and especially the Spoon-bill Sandpiper and Ph/”FHEE” pheasant.
    Thanks again for a great experience.

    Keep well,
  • Dear Chintana,
    "My two days spent birding with Chintana and her driver included some of the most enjoyable time I've ever spent in the field. Her English is excellent and her knowledge of the local birds is extensive. We found nearly all of our target species between Chiang Dao and Doi Inthanon. The highlight of my trip was the lucky appearance of two Black-Tailed Crakes which brought tears to my eyes. "
    Sincerely, Mark Agnor Chicago
  • Dear Chintana,
    "We'd love to thank you for the wonderful days in Doi Inthanon and Chiang Dao. You were a great guide, not only a passionate birder but also one of the most all-round guides we've met!
    Chintana, once again thank you for the great birding days together. You could really notice birding is one of the things you love to do. Also many thanks for the other lessons you 'teached' us on the road or during meals (when we were not distracted by all the birds and other animals ;-) )concerning history, culture and much more"
    From: Hanneke and Ties The Netherlands.
  • Dear Chintana,
    "Chintana is a superb birding guide: knowledgeable, energetic, patient, intelligent, positive, inquisitive and comfortable. She is thoroughly acquainted with all of the birds, their calls, plumage variations, habitat, distribution and behavior. I learned to appreciate her excellent eyes and ears, often locating birds that I hadn't suspected were near us. Chintana is a teacher at heart, always making sure to point out the key points of identification, comparing   a bird to others that might be similar, and repeating its name. We did a good deal of walking, and as we did, she continually called out the names of birds we were seeing, even if they had been seen well before. We never moved on until     I had an opportunity to see the bird well. The pace was relaxed and thorough. "
    From: Gene Bauer Northfield, Minnesota
  • Hi Pat.                                                thanks for the great trip. we got your snipe pictures, they are great.  We did not get your pictures of the owl's. And the link to the flickr- account. Could you send them to us?                                             Thanks again. Speak to you later. Edwin and Anne-Marie
  • A Day Trip Doi Chiang Dao 12th May 2016                  
    Khun Sasirat,

    The trip was wonderful!!!! Khru Somchart was a fun guide. A member said that Khru Chart was the best guide at using the scope, that they have ever met (and they have done birdwatching all over the world). We all loved him. His English explanations were clear. He always identified the birds correctly. Also, he was flexible with our needs, and happy to change locations whenever we wanted.

    The driver was very good too.

    Thanks so much. We will recommend this to any birders. I got 10 new birds on my life list, which is amazing to me.

    Thank you again!!!!!
    Wendy (Birdgirl) Chamberlain,
  • Dear Panuwat                                We compleated our trip with guide Mr.Kampol  driver Mr. Pongpat yesterday and I must say that they were both excellent.We are extremly satisfied with our trip and would recommend your company to anyone requiring a bird watching trip in Thailand.Apart from his excellent knowledge of the birds, Mr Kampol has a wealth of knowledge of all of Thailands natural history.Once again thank you very much.                               Kind regards                               Peter Kemp from Scotland  
  • Dear Mr Sasirat,

    Thank you so much for providing me with Mr Kampol - He must be the world's best bird guide! I didn't notice the time as Tui was so enthusiastic and energetic, finding a new bird for me to see every minute or so so it seemed. I saw 76 species and heard 2 more but they stayed hiding!
    Another plus was that I got to see a lot of Bangkok that I would not have seen. So that was special too.

    I do hope I get the chance to do birding in Thailand again.

    Thank you again for a truly memorable experience

    Cheryl Warburton
    A Day Trip 19th Nov. 2016
  • Dear Mr.Sasirat,

    this trip was very well. I have seen during this trip a lot of view of new birds for me.
    I regret not having spent more time at Kaeng Krachan. the stay in Mae Wong was the most interesting with the too short lookout Kang Krachan. the last day to the lake was less interesting because of lack of water.

    the driver and the guide have a great knowledge of birds of Thailland. Very good.
    the vehicle is very good. no problem with the food or hotel.
    I regret that Mr Tui, the guide, is not sent me the list of species observed because I have a hard time finding some names.
    I have not yet addressed and treated all the photos but I diffused daily since my return a species on facebook and in my website www.ornitho.photos

    it's a very good trip for me.
    Best regards,
    Gilles adt
    Trip 12-21th Aug. 2015 Bird Photo tour

7 Days Southern of Thailand

Phuket > Sri Phang Nga > Gurney's Pitta >

Krabi > Krung Ching

Mission Possible

Sri Phang Nga National Park This park is only two and a half hours from Phuket. The jungle is stunning; waterfalls abound. The main trail slithers back and forth across a lovely babbling creek.From the national park bungalows (very clean and comfortable I might add), there's a nice dirt road following the creek. But before we got started, three Great Hornbills started barking from the high trees across the field. A variety of bulbuls, spiderhunters, flowerpeckers, fairy-bluebirds. A small crop of bananas is located slightly down the road. We watched spiderhunters zipping around, then caught a Tiger Shrike posing on a banana stalk. Once down to the parking lot for the waterfall on the trail may you can see Banded Pitta , Maroon Woodpecker, Black-headed Bulbul, Black-headed Bulbuls are very common for here, Red-billed Malkoha , Blue-winged Leafbirds Vernal Hanging Parrot, Asian Fairy-bluebird, Hairy-back Bulbul, a rufous morph Asian Paradise-Flycatcher, Hooded Pitta (rainy season Apr. - July), Orange-breasted Trogons, Helmeted Hornbills, Great Argus! , Banded Broadbill, White-rumped Munia, Maroon Woodpecker, Buff-rumped Woodpecker, Buff-rumped Woodpecker, Red-throated Barbets, Chestnut-breasted Malkoh, Little Spiderhunters, Grey-breasted Spiderhunters, White-rumped Needletails and Bar-winged Flycatcher-Shrikes fluttered in the trees . A Grey-eyed Bulbul, Yellow-vented Flowerpecker, Crimson Sunbird , Grey-headed Flycatchers. For here you can see a lot of birds and got good photo in card , The restaurant near the park entrance that served excellent food.

Climate : The park receive a monsoon weather influenced by southwest and northeast monsoon, it is rain almost the year. As a result, there are 2 seasons: hot season start from January to April; and rainy start from May to December.
Geography :The park is rugged mountain range parallel Andaman Sea coast. The forest on high elevation is fertile for wild life and on the hill is the headwater. Therefore, there are many beautiful waterfalls and cliffs such as Khlong Khu Rot, Khlong Tam Nang, Khlong Phraek Khwa, Khlong Phraek Sai, Khlong Nang Yon, Khlong Bang Wan and Khlong Bang Yai.

9dayKrabi  is one of the southern provinces (changwat) of Thailand, at the shore of the Andaman Sea. Neighboring provinces are (from north clockwise) Phang Nga, Surat Thani, Nakhon Si Thammarat and Trang. The Phuket province to the west is also neighboring, but without any land boundary. The capital of the region is the city of Krabi. Geography : The province is located at the shore to the Andaman Sea. Most notable are the solitary limestone hills, both on the land and in the sea as islands. Rock climbers from all over the world travel to Railay Beach to climb. Of about 130 islands belonging to the province, Ko Phi Phi Lee is perhaps the most famous, as it was the set of the movie The Beach. The coast of the province was badly damaged by the tsunami on December 26 2004. Other islands include: Ko Phi Phi Don, part of the Phi Phi Islands, and Ko Lanta, a larger island to the south.


001Khao Pra-Bang Khram NHA., Krabi Province.

Over 300 bird species have been seen in Khao Pra-Bang Khram or Khao Nor Chuchi. Of that number, 247 of these bird species are resident! Khao Nor Chuchi represents the largest remaining area of lowland jungle in Southern Thailand. Almost all of the former lowland jungle has been cut down to plant rubber trees or oil palm trees. Khao Nor Chuchi is under constant threat from encroaching farmers. Unfortunately, cuts are made a little deeper into the preserve on a regular basis. Birding Habitat Besides the lowland jungle, there is ample secondary growth, open country, farmland, plantations and bamboo forests. One of the most appealing features however is the abundance of crystal-clear spring water. There are two jungle pools within the protected area as well as several flowing creeks. The turquoise-colored water is truly breathtaking. The plant life includes orchids, carnivorous Pitcher Plants and a lot more. The birding habitat can also be broken down further into tall forest, extremely lowland with gullies (the favorite habitat of the Gurney’s Pitta), forest edges and even villages. Some species such as sunbirds, flowerpeckers and bulbuls are often seen in the vicinity of villages. Birding trails There is a system of nature trails in Khao Nor Chuchi. Some trails produce certain species, while others are well-known for specific species. The Gurney’s Pitta prefers gullies. Some gullies are off of the trails however. Other pittas reside and breeding visitor (June-August) in the park as well. The Blue-winged Pitta, Hooded Pitta, Banded Pitta and Giant Pitta can be seen in here. In addition to pittas, the area is great for Malkohas, Woodpeckers, Broadbills, Sunbirds, Flowerpeckers, Babblers, Kingfishers (even the rare Rufous-collared Kingfisher), Barbets and plenty more.

krungKrung Ching (KC) is a rich highland forest embeding in the mountain range of Khao Luang National Park about 800 km south of Bangkok, Thailand. It represents an important site for montane and sub-momtane rainforest species in the Peninsula. KC is a home to more than 200002 out of 978 bird species found in Thailand. These include the magnificent Great Argus Pheasant, Crested Wood-Partridge, Diard's Trogon, Scarlet-rumped Trogon, Raffle’s Malkoha, Red-billed Malkoha, Chestnut-breasted Malkoha, Asian Paradise-flycatcher (white morph), Grey-rumped Treeswift, Red-bearded Bee-eater, Dark-throated Oriole, White-crowned Hornbill, Brown Wood-Owl, Javan Frogmouth, Green Broadbill, Banded Pitta and more. Butterfly-lovers should not miss Banded Peacock a national protected wildlife species. Cream-colored Giant Squirrel is one of the most sought-after squirrels among mammal-lovers. For those who are fond of plants; Stag-horn ferns, orchids, colorful fungi are worth looking through binoculars. Non venomous reptiles and amphibians are also worth photographing at night.

003Krung Ching waterfall is a beautiful and important waterfall of Khao Luang National Park. Located in Tambon Krung Ching, the waterfall derived its name from Ton Ching which is a kind of palm prevalent in the area. The waterfall has many levels and the most breathtaking level is Nan Fon Saen Ha where water drops off a sheer cliff 100 meters high, splashing down creating a mist covering the area like rain unlike other falls. This waterfall level is depicted on the back of Thailand’s 1,000 baht currency note. The waterfall is under the responsibility of the Khao Luang National Park Protection Unit. The waterfall can be reached by a road 3.8 kilometers long to Nan Fon Saen Ha. The area has a training center, accommodation and a campground. To get to the falls, take the Nakhon Si Thammarat-Phrom Khiri road (4016). Upon reaching Na Reng intersection, turn left to King Amphoe Nop Phitam and turn right (4186). The total distance is 70 kilometers. 


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