Wild Bird Eco Tour is pleased to announce the company's privacy policy. If the customer visit and provide the following information to the company.

     1. The collect and keeping data privacy

The information you have provided to us through registration to the website. wildbirdeco.net Will be directed to the Company's operations that are required by law.

Adoption in order to enhance the service even better and special offers to benefit customers in the future. This information will not be used by another purpose.

          In case you have transactions with the company. Processed personal information follows.
          1. Name - Last Name 2. Address 3. Email 4. Phone Number 5. passport.

The company will keep that information confidential standards for the treatment of confidential information under the Law of Privacy Protect Policy.

     2. Disclosure of personal information

www.wildbirdeco.net website Will not pass on or sell your personal information to third parties. The unauthorised addition, the Company will not disclose your personal information to any other organisation, Unless

          1. You have asked, and empower the Company's website. In the operation, or

          2. The information forwarded to that, help to start a tour of successful.

     3. Disclosure of information as permitted by law. Or as required by law, for example.

The Company has been requested to disclose information about the Company's prospects, according to a court order or subpoena. Or other agencies have the legal authority in this situation, the company will be contact you in advance