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: 27 June - 1 July, Birding tour in Chiang Mai   /  1 July A Day trip Bang Phra

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MM01 Bagan


Bagan is situated inthe bend made by the Ayeyarwardby River, Nyaung Oo District, Mandalay Division, in the central park of Myanmar .  According in the inscription  from Bagan Period, the literary name of Bagan was Arimaddana-Pura which means
“crushing of enemies”. Bagan was derived from Pyu-gama. It was chanded to  Pyu-gan and then to Pugam. Later, It was been pronounced  Bagan.  At the time it was also called Paukkan.
The Bagan dynasty  was inaugurated  with  King Thamudarit.  There  was altogether 55 kings who ruled in Bagan. Amount of them, king Anawyahta is the founder  of  the first Myanmar empire.  Beside he laid  the foundation for  the  establishment of Theravada Buddhism in Myanmar by  the spiritual leadership of Maha Threra Shin Arahan. Bagan was such an ancient city the thrived from   1 to 13 century A.D.covering 1300 years. Now,there are 4 palace site in Bagan region,  by the namesof Yon-hlut-kyun, Thiripuitsaya, Tampawaddy  and wall city of bagan.  Bagan area encompassed is stretch of 20  square miles  about 4440 ancient monuments and buildings were situated in this area. At present a totall of  3122 ancient buildins are already recorded in which are included such buildings of pagodas stupas, temples, ordination halls, monasteries and  learning - caves.  Inside as  well as  outside  of  these building building   are still existing remains art of work  from bagan period such as mural painting, stone carving, stocco carving, glaze relief plaqu, terrractta and architectural design of bagan period. 
Bird highlight                :   White-throated Babbler, Burmese Bushlark,  Jerdon’s  Minivet, Hooded Treepie.                                      
Tour pace & walking    :   Moderate
Accommodation          :   Comfortable hotal & lodges
Photo Opportunities    :   Excellent 
Excellent Month           :   November – March 
Fairly Month                 :   April – May                    
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Bird of the Mergui White-browned Nuthatch Vinous-breasted Starling White-browed Fulvetta Burma Endemics 
Burmese Bushlark Jerdons Minivet in bagan  Stripe-throated Yuhina
Spotted Owl classic birding Myanmar White-throaded Babbler 
In Bagan Mt.Victoria Babax Brown Bush Warbler Black-bidded Tit