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Yumio & Tayuta Sato From Japan

Dear Par 

We were able to meet a lot of wild birds beautiful and attractive in bird watching in Thailand. Thanks to the excellent guide people of staff ,Mr. Par,Ms.Fai,Mr.Chod,of wild bird eco. I hope to, but also to exchange information through the website and facebook now, soon Once popular, the next opportunity.

Please be considerate Because you a friend request on facebook for that.
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Yumio  Tayata Sato Spotted Owlet Tayuta Sato
                                 Spotted Owlet @ west side of Bangkok

These shots was the beginning of the achievements and excitement I got in this tour.

Thank you for giving me a great experience of many more than I expected.

555333 525330404214799 1658546762 n 1185889 525330604214779 475858526 n Common Green Magpie

Common Green Magpie is taking a bath in small pond at Kaeng Krachan NP. Thailand   



Greeting from our guide, Mr.Par to guest on facebook: Hi Yumio, i'm Par your guide .

I want to say your picture is so nice.!!

Crimson Sunbird 2 562321 514907651923741 1084811065 n 1236872 515820305165809 1752212362 n     

Thank you for compliments my photos. This is also thanks to the great your guide.

I look forward to seeing again.